Highway pickups offer “a sense of accomplishment”

The Delavan Lions Club is one of thousands of groups nationwide that has “adopted a highway” in order to make the world a cleaner and better place.

Three times a year the club ventures out to Highway 50, between the Delavan Lake inlet and Highway 67, to pick up trash that accumulates over the year. The club collects the roadside trash after the snow melts, during summer and before the flurries fly.

“It’s a great community service,” Lion Karen Heine told the Janesville Gazette in a recent interview. “Lots of people toot (their car horns) and wave at us. Some people probably think we’re part of some kind of chain gang. But we like it. You leave with a sense of accomplishment.”

We do leave with a sense of accomplishment and a cleaner community. Two things that make us proud to be Lions.

Click here to read the full article in the June 27, 2010, edition of the Janesville Gazette.

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